What are you listening to?

Image courtesy of Pixabay
Image courtesy of Pixabay

In my top 10 tools of learning for this year I added Pocket Cast as the app I use for podcast listening.

I listen to podcasts all the time now; when I’m running, when I’m travelling, at lunch at work, at home when it’s quiet.

The podcast app I use doesn’t really matter – what matters more is the content – so here’s a list of 10 I’d recommend:

  1. The Learning and Development Podcast
    David James has hit a rich seam of guests in this relatively new podcast. Essential listening for all LnD.
  2. Revisionist History
    The topics which Malcolm Gladwell reviews aren’t obviously about learning but I would suggest listening and reflecting on how they might change your practice.
  3. TED Radio Hour
    The concept is to take a topic and include excerpts and interviews with the TED speakers. Pick and choose the topics and it’s a super listen.
  4. Akimbo
    Seth Godin’s blogs offer nuggets of insight and in his podcast he extends his thinking in the field of marketing and business.
  5. RSA Radio
    The RSA podcast takes topics and presents them over a series of episodes which make brilliant binge listening.
  6. Analysis
    This brilliant BBC series examines ideas and forces which shape public policy. Pick and choose the episodes and guests which appeal.
  7. So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed
    This abriged version of Jon Ronson’s book is essential listening for anyone who wants to understand online behaviour, crowd mentality and how people can be destroyed online.
  8. The Bottom Line
    Another BBC series, Evan Dando hosts business conversations which offer excellent insight.
  9. The Comedian’s Comedian
    A curveball but Stuart Goldsmith’s conversations with comedians, describing their creative process, background, nerves, content, approach and style are strangely parallel to LnD in many ways.
  10. Sound of Silence
    This is described as a downloadable pause y Steve Chapman, the artist behind it. It’s a minute of silence and I didn’t ‘get’ it until I listened to the Terry Waite episode and then it became clear.

What others would you recommend?

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