International Men’s Blog Awareness Day

As much as I’d like you to celebrate International Men’s Blog Awareness Day (IMBAD) today (20th November 2019), it doesn’t exist.

There isn’t a need for for awareness of men’s blogs, as far as I know, but seem to be lots of awareness days on lots of topics.

I did a quick search and this month includes:

  • Remembrance Sunday
  • Movember
  • Vegetarian month
  • COPD awareness month
  • Alcohol awareness week
  • Anti bullying week
  • Blue Wednesday
  • World Kindness Day
  • World diabetes day
  • UK HIV testing week
  • Horse appreciation day
  • Road safety week
  • Book week Scotland
  • World nursery rhyme week
  • Talk money week
  • International leadership week
  • World toilet day
  • International men’s day
  • Universal children’s day
  • etc, etc

With all this noise, how do you filter out the stuff which matters? Like I said yesterday, it’s not necessarily about adding to noise, but role modelling what works.

Perhaps we do need IMBAD 2020 to show people that blogging isn’t just graffiti on the internet.

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