Things I miss

Photo by Ann H on

Inspired by a brilliant post by Sukh Pabial yesterday, here’s a random list of things I’m missing.

Slow walks and stopping for an ice cream to eat on a park bench. A ’99’ of course.

Hugs with distant friends; I’m so lucky I can get hugs at home.

The gentle rocking of a train leading to a chin resting snooze.

Being above the 2nd floor in a building and looking down through plate glass windows.

People-watching at stations and the ebb and flow of crowds.

Watching football live with my son and experiencing the emotional highs as a goal goes in.

The ever present hum of traffic some miles away.

Shop bought sandwiches eaten at pace.

Just sitting in a coffee shop, reading.

Live music, bouncing up and down as the bass makes your belly hum.

The ice cream van with the ‘Just one Cornetto’ theme.

The feeling of being close to 1000 people physically but remote mentally; the opposite is currently true.

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