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Please stop sending me requests describing your new disruptive innovation with these 4 statements:

  1. We’ve got this technology you’ll be interested in.
  2. We’ve got these members who you might know.
  3. We talk about this stuff that we know you know.
  4. We’re different to every other community you’re a member of.

I usually ask the following in response:

  1. I doubt it – why would your platform be different to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, MS Teams, Yammer, Pinterest, YouTube, WordPress, etc
  2. If I know them, they’ll also probably be in the list of people I connect with in 1.
  3. If you talk about the stuff I know, you’ll know they’re on the list in 1.
  4. How?

Don’t try and market something as ‘new’ if it’s just a re-formatting of what already exists.

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