Postbag again

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I took a break from posting on here the other week and invited guest posts – here’s another.

I probably should have used Twitter for this post, to get comments and feedback, but I’ve never posted, or certainly not within my working memory.

I very rarely use Twitter as it seems to consume more time than I’m prepared to give up. I could learn how to post, I’m sure it’s easy, but does it merit the effort. I might be exposed to trolling, my ideas may be challenged, taken out of context and these ideas would remain forever, eventually to have a detrimental impact on my world.

Would I become accountable for anyone else’s comments, “you didn’t criticise the comments about………., which means that you endorse them” (or more likely didn’t read them, or didn’t want to get into an energy sapping fight). The perceived cost doesn’t seem to overcome the possible benefits, many of which can be derived passively.

But if everyone took that approach then Twitter would be empty or only full of extreme views from those looking for a fight and kindred spirits.

I recognise this person’s thoughts and feelings; I think pretty much everyone who starts on SoMe feels like this. Welcome people to your network, don’t exclude them from your club.

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