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I see so many articles which start with a question about how innovation is happening. E.g. Will 2020 see the birth of new forms of learning, is this this best hack for learning, are we seeing the birth of the new LMS, etc?

I approach these stories with the acronym above.

  • Questions
  • To
  • Which
  • The
  • Answer
  • Is
  • Always
  • No

I look at most things with an open mind but, if you’re positing your conclusion as a question, it’s probably unsafe and I’ll approach it as such.

2 thoughts on “QTWTAIAN

  1. Had to come back on this one: I’ve been reflecting on my behaviour faced with this type of headline, and found that if it’s a closed question I delete and move on. I just did so with a THE update: (checks trash for headline) “Will Covid change the scientific method?”. Without reading it, I suspect the answer is actually Yes. Had they simply added “How” to the headline, it would probably have piqued my interest enough to read at least the first few paragraphs.


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