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I love LastPass. It’s a password management tool that means I don’t have to remember any of the hundreds of user names and passwords that I have as part of my digital life.

What it doesn’t do so well is work in business systems. Access is often prohibited, and the potential to share work data within it means it can’t be worked around. When I mentioned the end of the beginning the other week, I suggested:

Your online offer has to be as simple to use as Google, recommending like Amazon, as comprehensive as Wikipedia.

The bad news is that’s not going to happen.

I have reams of notes and content in Evernote and Pocket that I can’t easily switch into work systems.

I use extensions in Google to transcribe meetings and recorded audio that can’t be accessed on work platforms.

Don’t pretend to offer consumer quality learning access if you don’t have consumer quality systems and UX.

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