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Want to know what happens when people can’t access face to face learning?

The top three MOOC providers (Coursera, edX, and FutureLearn) registered as many new users in April [2020] as in the whole of 2019.

Dharwal Singh, Class Central: By the Numbers: MOOCs During the Pandemic 16th August 2020

Good luck getting them back.

3 thoughts on “Online learning

  1. Could take your comment in two ways, good luck in getting them back to the classroom or you could say good luck in getting them back to the mooc as they generally have a completion rate lower than 10%


      1. A mooc is not what you are looking for if you only need a couple pieces of content. A mooc should be as much about experience, people, building something valuable for you as it is about learning.
        I am currently learning how to build web apps. I have a specific goal for that, and a mooc is supporting me to achieve that goal, get feedback on it etc.

        That I think, is more valuable to me if I finish it…


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