Metaphors are like…

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I like analogies.

Mike Shaw made a comment the other day:

I don’t really write them for other people though; like my blog posts they’re for me rather than you.

They help me make sense of the world by placing concepts, ideas, thoughts and activity into a frame of reference I can relate to. They’re not always simple to come up with; I’ll sometimes have done a lot of heavy thinking to break it down into parts I can describe.

The harder the concept, the simpler I need to make the analogy; usually I’ll break it down into 3 or 4 elements. This makes them easier to remember and I can link them together – a really useful tool when presenting.

They might connect with people because they’re a form of storytelling. They’re a safe way to challenge a mindset by being placed in a different context or reality.

If they do connect with you then I’m grateful. If they don’t let me know and I’ll try and find another way to translate what’s inside my head.

One thought on “Metaphors are like…

  1. Was listening to a webinar you did on Friday. Loved the favorite band analogy. Although when I was younger I would have definitely have given it a go.


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