Hidden from plain sight

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The next factor I mentioned in the end of the beginning was:

People are learning without you knowing and you have to be COMPLETELY comfortable with that

Andrew JAcobs, ‘Go On Then’ Lostanddesperate.com

There’s been an ongoing narrative since I joined LnD that unless it was being counted by the learning function, it couldn’t (or worse, wouldn’t) be counted as learning. Aside from the arrogance, it’s also entirely wrong.

People engaging in conversations over a coffee are learning, people listening to podcasts on the way into work are learning, people doing YouTube searches for their Excel problems are learning.

The fact you can’t count it doesn’t matter; what you should be doing is finding the people who are doing this and learn FROM them. They’re doing it without your interference so don’t create hurdles but ease their way.

Embrace the fact that a performance culture exists. It exists to the extent that people want to learn how to do things for themselves, not that you need to stuff them into a LnD shaped box for it to count.

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