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I saw this post by Paul Clarke the other day and he mentions that people get hung up on spending money on photographers:

Perhaps a bit because “everyone can take a picture”, perhaps because everyone now has a camera on them at all times, and maybe also because of the whiff of vanity that sometimes hits the nose when we see that a public figure actually spent real pounds on buying in photography skills

Paul Clarke, There’s no shame in the P word

The same seems to be creeping in to learning – every trainer can ‘deliver online’. Everyone has a camera and mic on their laptop and it seems to be straightforward to do. The truth is, not every trainer can deliver online.

Paul’s P word is photographer – my P word is professional.

I said before before how it wasn’t good enough for people in learning to be providing services that weren’t to the required standard. You can’t call yourself a professional if you’re no better than the amateur with some basic kit.

If you’re professional in what you’re doing, there’s no shame in asking to be paid for it. Don’t charge people if you’re not being professional; you’re doing yourselves – and more importantly, the industry – a great disservice.

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