4 thoughts on “Learning Culture

  1. It is a funny one as many books have been written and many of these writers tour the speaker network selling the vision of a learning culture.
    Why cant we just have a great culture – that means working there is satisfying, where you feel valued and see the difference you make. It is where you know that when you need it, support is available. A culture where learning is part of the overall ecosystem and recognised as an important part of the strategic mix.


  2. Actually, I think you have a learning culture, it’s whether it’s aligned or contrary to the best outcomes. Culture does impact learning. And you may well have an IT culture (e.g. agile or ‘old school’), and the rest, whether explicit or implicit. Agree with Craig that it’s part of your overall culture, but being explicit about it for L&D has impacts. See Amy Edmondson’s work on Safety, for example.


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