You have a learning culture

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Your organisation has a learning culture. It includes people passing notes along that have served them well.

It’s the battered sign next to the copier with the hotline for the toner supplies and the underlined name of the person who can change it.

It’s the irregular lunches between colleagues who worked together 5 years ago, but still catch up and end up talking about how they do their job.

It’s the message on the organisation Yammer with the keyboard shortcut to access the leave system which is pinned to the top of the forum.

It’s the messages in a Teams meeting that help people share their screens and present more easily.

It’s the TLA (three letter acronyms) that people use to describe their work.

What you don’t have is a learning culture in the way that YOU define it. Take the activity that already exists. See what parts of the current culture are precious and valuable. And amplify them.

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