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A clinic is a place where people can get specialist advice. I get regular questions asking me for specific and quite detailed information, so I have decided to launch some learning clinics.

Llarn Learning Clinics are monthly events designed to help you bring issues, queries and challenges into the open, and to work through them with other learning professionals. Think of them like a form of action learning.

The first one will be on November 24th at 10.30 am GMT and the topic of the first clinic will be lockdown.

Lockdown has been different across the globe but there are some common issues that learning professionals will have encountered, e.g. the request to turn a 1 day face to face event into a 4 hour Zoom call, and how to make sure people are REALLY engaged and not doing the ironing while at work.

Places are free but limited and available now on a first come first served basis. We’ll be using Zoom for streaming and Google Jamboard as the collaborative workspace – please check you can access these tools before booking.

I’d love to speak with people I’ve not connected with before or for a while. Please book a place now if you think there’s something you’d like to work through.

4 thoughts on “Clinical

  1. How long are the sessions? It looked like it went on through the night to Wednesday morning which I don’t think can be right! I assume they are an hour roughly? Thanks!


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