Take a break

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You may have noticed there hasn’t been a new episode of Women Talking About Learning recently. It wasn’t planned but we’ve been on a break.

Following the Easter holidays we had wi-fi issues at home and trying to work, let alone record podcast episodes was near impossible. So we’ve taken the opportunity to pause.

From being anxious about it, I’ve found it to be incredibly refreshing, inspiring and healing. I hadn’t realised how much work I have been putting into the podcast until I wasn’t doing it. The pressure I was putting on myself didn’t help my anxiety and mental health and I’ve found having a break has helped me pause and think about the podcast, its schedule and way forward.

We will return – very soon – and we will still be what we were; a space for women to amplify women’s voices talking about all things learning and development related, and a way to cut out the noise and improve the signal.

One thought on “Take a break

  1. I’ve just bought you a coffee and, in the process, have nudged your funding target over the 50 per cent mark !

    I hope that you are feeling better shortly and look forward to service resuming. If doing a podcast per week is too onerous, why not consider making it one per fortnight ?


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