What grinds my gears – learning technology implementation

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com

Another in the series where I let some steam off.

LnD people – focus on the L, not the T. The T should support the L – not the other way round. Too many learning people get this upside down.

Your people need to know how to read the data which the technology is going to produce, not at a superficial level, but in way that will generate understanding and support your insight. Make sure they’re trained and really good (like REALLY good) at managing and analysing data.

Your simple login WILL be screenshotted and saved for when I forget my password.

This isn’t the Field of Dreams – don’t expect to build it so I’ll turn up. If you just build it they will NOT come. Unless of course you make it mandatory and force them to use it. Expect crap training scores at the next engagement exercise as a result.

If you just show senior managers the shiny, they’ll not understand the business benefit. You need senior managers to lead the branding and role model how it’s used.

Don’t silence sceptics; if you do they’ll become cynics. Sceptics are good and will help you understand how to make it better.

Failing to whitelist will frustrate users and, if they can’t get in the first time, they may not come back.

The launch isn’t the end, it’s the start. Don’t treat it as an endpoint; the real work starts now.

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