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The BBC Annual Report was published yesterday. It’ll get lots of noise and discussion over the pay of its top stars, or the lack of union flags.

The bit I was interested in was the people section, and (rather obviously) the learning and development section. It’s reproduced in full below:

We are also building a more comprehensive programme of career development for all staff. Our plans focus on three areas – support for individuals, support for team leaders and the creation of more cross-divisional opportunities and greater mobility. The first new cross-divisional initiative, the 80/20 programme, was piloted in November. This enables staff to apply to work for 20% of their time in another area to share and grow their skills. Over 400 employees applied for one of the initial 42 pilot placements. All of these initiatives require access to inspirational and extensive learning resources, something we can guarantee through the BBC Academy. This year the Academy launched its new learning experience platform – learn@BBC – curating content from different sources and encouraging users to take control of their own learning journey. The Academy has reached its initial target of 30% of unique staff logins to learn@BBC. The Academy has also established the Learning Unlocked brand this year, a permanent twice-weekly skills webinar for staff and freelancers, and created Safeguarding Impartiality, a programme of training addressing one of the Director-General’s four key priorities. All of our cultural and developmental work this year is based on a clear articulation of what working at the BBC means – what to expect from the organisation and what the BBC expects in return.

While we continue to produce input and output data like this, we’re just shouting in an empty room.

2 thoughts on “Tired

  1. Well, indeed. That is truly lacking in insight. If only we could really measure impact by initiatives launched, number of logins created, and % of people who underwent at least one activity on the platform of choice. Surely it’s the equivalent of saying that the staff canteen offers high quality because 88% of staff have bought at least one food or drink item from it in the past 12 months.
    I trust you’ll be offering your consultancy services in the not too distant future?!


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