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Today’s post is late – they’re normally posted first thing in the morning but today’s isn’t posted to this timetable.

But it’s not late; the posts aren’t required to be posted at a certain time – it’s only late in relative terms to my previous performance. I’m not contracted to post at a certain time and the contract I have is with myself.

By adding pressure and setting myself an expectation isn’t always healthy. It helps to have personal standards but these should be qualitative. Trust me though, tomorrow’s post will be on time.

5 thoughts on “Late

  1. The absence of your e-mail prompted me to check what day it was – had I overlooked that today was Sunday ?

    I then wondered if you were on annual leave.

    A good thing to emerge from your viewpoint is that folks actually wait for and expect your posts, They notice when they don’t arrive. You are creating content that readers look forward to.

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