Big Brother

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Last week I mentioned how data was going to be used to support machine learning. I saw this article and realised just how far behind we are in learning terms.

Just look at this example:

Spotify knows that you started playing Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” at 23:03, listened to it for one minute, then searched for “break up” and listened to the entire four hours and 52 minutes of the “ANGRY BREAKUP PLAYLIST” without any pauses.

All the Ways Spotify Tracks You—and How to Stop It – WIRED

How about knowing your employee Googled “pivot tables” at 16:04 and then spent two hours and 11 minutes watching YouTube videos before signing out at 18:22 and calling in sick the next day? The next day was, of course, the day they were due to present the report on usage.

Forget the idea of the Netflix of learning and start thinking about the Spotify. It’s not about how the content is presented, it’s about how it’s used and the data that you can collect from it.

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