What’s more important than digital transformation?

Photo by Vitaly Vlasov on Pexels.com

I’ve been a fan of RSS feeds for years and have many many feeds. Some are specific to publications and websites and some are focused on keywords. One of the phrases they search out is ‘digital transformation‘ and on a daily basis I see 50 to 60 stories with titles like:

  • Meeting milestones: top tips for digital transformation success
  • Embarking on your Digital Transformation Journey
  • Why a modern data infrastructure is vital for cost-effective digital transformation
  • People-first approach key to enhancing public sector digital transformation

There has been a change recently. I search for other keywords in combination and ‘learning’ and ‘data’ are appearing more together in articles. This is good news for the evidenced based approach we should be using; the bad news is these articles looking at how machine learning will be changing our practice:

  • Machine Learning Behind eSports Betting Odds
  • What Is Training Data? How It’s Used in Machine Learning
  • Hands-On Guide To PyKale: A Python Tool for Multimodal and Transfer Learning
  • Machine learning applications need less data than has been assumed

Keep your eyes open – this might just be the next hot topic.

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