The evolution of a post

Photo by Adi Perets on

I wrote yesterday’s post and had a feeling, as I was writing it, that I’d written it before.

I drafted and edited it and, while looking for an appropriate image, became even more convinced I had already framed the idea as a blog post. Something about the keywords and themes that I use to find the right images is a key ‘tell’ for me if I’ve been working on the idea before. A search proved I was right and to make my life easier when I go back to looking for the post. stuck a hyperlink in the post on my blog.

Why write the same thing again? Surely repeating an idea from 6 months ago isn’t good use of your time? Because the idea wasn’t the same; it was similar in its root but had extended into a different place. This evolution of thinking and development of ideas is why I produce a post every day – the journey is so much more interesting than the destination.

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