What’s your take away?

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

I got a menu through the door the other day. It’s for a new café that does all sorts of cakes, ice creams, waffles and shakes that also delivers.

It is, without doubt, the worst temptation for me right now so I went to put it into the recycling bin. Just before I did, I saw that some had changed prices. Someone had physically scrubbed through the price and rewritten the prices in ballpoint pen. I was able to see some had gone up and some had gone down.

I felt for the person who had to do it – changing 7 prices on a 93 item menu probably more than 1000 times would be mind (and finger) numbing, but there’s a much bigger problem than that.

Sometimes it’s OK to ship things when they’re unfinished, but if the item being shipped is your introduction to a customer, a list of what the costs will be, and your brand, it sends a poor first impression.

Worse still, one error would be unfortunate and two would be careless. Seven suggests that your quality control isn’t up to scratch and if you’re selling food, I won’t be buying.

One thought on “What’s your take away?

  1. You don’t know that it was all copies that were amended, and that all amendments were the same. They might have assessed the foodie weaknesses and means to pay of prospective customers and arrived at a personalised price structure. It has similarities to a teacher marking homework – every pupil will hopefully get different feedback.

    This does have similarities with my local fish and chip shop, in which the price differs depending on which member of staff serves you !


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