That training thing

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Someone asked me recently if I did ‘that training thing’. As someone outside of the LnD field I thought it’d be good to find out what they thought about learning.

They’re a skill worker, i.e. travel to a place to work to carry out a form of service/production, so impacted by the pandemic and lockdown. Their experience of training was of the traditional face to face activity. It was ‘OK’ but often too long and an ‘excuse for people to be away from work.’

What made it better now was that ‘they didn’t have to go in to learn stuff’, they could do it between – and more importantly ON – shifts, and everything they needed was on their mobile.

Hybrid is more than the people sitting at desks; learning has a responsibility to do, and be, better for those colleagues who aren’t ordinarily included in discussion about the future of work.

2 thoughts on “That training thing

  1.   “…they could do it between – and more importantly ON – shifts…”.

    Or down the pub, judging by the very engaging photograph above.

    I think that you are edging towards Sharepoint sites here, holding an array of training materials with self-service access by the end-user on an “as needed” basis.


    1. I’m not edging towards anything – I think you are Paul since that the context you’re working in 😁. It could be a text message platform, WhatsApp group, App, or some other online hosting. We limit our thinking by the tools we’re asked to use. If the tool doesn’t work, we need to think differently – see the can/can’t post this week.


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