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Just over six months ago it was International Women’s Day.

You’ll remember the theme was choose to challenge; it was across all the corporate accounts you follow and there will have been op-ed pieces about why it was important and what women can do about it.

Since then, what have you challenged?

I can make a list of the things I’ve done and you can give it a like. Last week over 200 people did when I wrote about challenging manels. When you see another manel at an event, please choose to challenge the organisers and ask where the women are.

There is one exception to that. On 14th October, the Great British Businesswoman forum is taking place. In addition to a conversation on imposter syndrome I’m facilitating, I will be on a panel of male allies discussing how men can advocate for women as leaders. Yes it’s men only but entirely justified in this case. It’s about men can do more to help and the conference is overwhelmingly populated with women speakers.

I’ve been using the hashtag #ItStartsWithMe for a while now. If you agree, choose to challenge from now.

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