Hybrid learning styles

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

The next question Serena and I didn’t have time to answer at the :SCALED event last week was as follows:

How do you encourage folks with different learning styles to ensure with MVL
(minimum viable learning)?

Senthil Raghavan

This answer is simple; you don’t.

The science is clear – designing for learning styles makes no difference to the effectiveness of the learning. See Arter & Jenkins, 1979; Kampwirth & Bates, 1980; Kavale & Forness, 1987; Kavale, Hirshoren, & Forness, 1998; Pashler et al., 2009; Snider, 1992; Stahl, 1999; Tarver & Dawson, 1978; and Kozhevnikov, Evans, & Kosslyn, 2014.

The evidence is in.

Learning styles is a belief.

There is a prize of $6000 if you can prove this:

Can an e-learning program that utilizes learning-style information outperform an e-learning program that doesn’t utilize such information by 10% or more on a realistic test of learning, even it is allowed to cost up to twice as much to build?

Will Thalheimer

It’s a prize unclaimed in 15 years – hybrid isn’t going to prove it.

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