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This year has been long – very long. This is the last post of 2021 and I’ll restart again from 5th January.

This is the 245th blog post on my website this year, with a dozen or more posts added on LinkedIn as well. Of those published, some stand out this year, either as well read posts, or posts that resonated with communities.

So what is hybrid learning will be explored in more detail when we run the Learning Clinic session in January but there are some key elements about how we do learning support which need to be worked on.

My ongoing battle with conferences to balance speakers by gender will be continuing it seems. Things are changing, albeit slowly, but people seem to read when I write about it.

One of the most read posts here was when I got Covid a second time. I said then, and repeat today:

Don’t let anyone tell you we will be back to doing things the way they were before anytime soon. The mitigations that we have in place will be here for a long time and employers need to to stretch their thinking about how far ahead this hybrid way of working will need to continue.

To everyone who has contributed, commented, liked, shared, argued and challenged, I thank you. As I’ve always said, I don’t write this blog for anyone other than me and, to have almost half a million post views through a year, is incredibly humbling.

Have a good break if you are taking time out over the festive season, and see you in the New Year.

2 thoughts on “That’ll do

  1. Merry Christmas and I really look forward to your return on 5 January 2022.

    Take care if you go watching Leyton Orient over the festive season, although at this moment, mass postponements seem to be on the horizon.


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