What grind my gears – experts

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Another in the series where I have a moan and rant about things that annoy me. This time, expert advice.
(Yes, I do understand the irony that people call me an expert and yes, I probably do/have done this in the past.)

The ‘simple ways to…’ articles. If you’re writing these, you’re not an expert. There are no simple ways to anything and to suggest otherwise is irresponsible and unprofessional.

Telling people the why but not the how. Simon Sinek has a lot to answer for by saying we need to start with the why. We do. But if you’re an expert, tell people the how as well or you’re just pontificating.

Just because you have a book on one topic about learning, doesn’t make you an expert on ALL topics about learning.

Pointing out the things people haven’t done. Yes, your expertise has given you agency to understand the breadth and depth of a topic. Most users won’t have that time and will be hanging on for all they’re worth, trying to change what they’ve already identified needs to change. To add something else isn’t big, clever, or fair.

Just because you have the breadth and depth knowledge of a topic, that doesn’t mean you understand my context.

Humble experts know they’re wrong. If you are wrong – and you will be – admit it. Doubling down isn’t a good look.

Anyone calling THEMSELVES an expert probably isn’t.

If you make a prediction, be prepared to be called out on it if it doesn’t happen.

What annoys you about experts – let me know in the comments.

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