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I saw this story last week about a search for a plane in Alaska. After a plane had a malfunction, its emergency beacon was activated and a search initiated. The search crew found the pilot wasn’t at the scene but later found out he’d called a friend and been rescued independently.

The telling line was this:

The incident was an example of how important it is for pilots to communicate with federal and state authorities when they’re involved in any kind of accident with their aircraft, McDaniel said.


Imagine for a moment this was a corporate activity.

  • An old system doesn’t do what a new system does (the beacon)
  • Additional tasks are required by certain users (the pilot)
  • A health and safety protocol is initiated (the search)

A post case review of this would almost certainly recommend training for all users of the old system to make sure this didn’t happen again. The learning function would produce and provide training to users of the old system. People would do the training and submit completion data.

There wouldn’t be any more incidents like this. Not because of the training, but because people would know about the person who, having used the old system, didn’t do something and would cost the organisation a lot of money. No-one would want to be ‘that person’ who mucked things up.

Until the next time.

If you’re a learning professional, you work with the people responsible for maintaining the old system and identify how to check a failure with a user BEFORE a protocol is engaged. Help the business solve the problem by working through the problem and not by coming up with a learning solution.

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