Follow through

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I get really frustrated when I see stuff like this:

“The Premier League strongly condemns any form of abuse or violence against women and girls and takes these issues extremely seriously.”

A Premier League spokesperson

The frustration comes from lots of things – how we got into this state, why we have to have separate groups to push the message, how we allow men to dominate women’s football, etc.

The most common frustration I have is ‘training is needed’ to fix the problem. No it’s not.

It ‘might’ help, but you need to deconstruct structures and processes to implement change in the culture before you even dream of training. Otherwise it’s just learning theatre.

2 thoughts on “Follow through

  1. Agreed, and it applies beyond gender. Otherwise all you gain is a subculture of comments such as (and I’ve heard it often): “Oh, we’re not allowed to say / do that any more, are we?”, frequently accompanied by a wink or a knowing nod and a grin. And yes, I’ve witnessed that at ALL levels of an organisation – though thankfully not where I work currently.


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