Less than one day

Photo by nati on Pexels.com

It took less than a day for me to see things go wrong. Again.

Less than a day for an organisation to show how what they believe to be a good intention, comes across as performative equality theatre.

On International Women’s Day they posted about how they’re:

…shining a spotlight on all the women that make their business work…


The next morning I got an invite from this organisation for a webinar. It’s a webinar hosted by a white man. With a white man as a guest.

I won’t name them but will ping them a link to this post.

Let’s be better please.

One thought on “Less than one day

  1. Well said! I think this year has been particularly galling seeing so many similar efforts by organizations and I’m glad they’re being called out. I’m optimistic there will be change but via the IWD efforts of many companies.


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