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I wrote yesterday about how I’d declined an event because of speaker balance and re-engaged when the organisation added female participants.

Some clarification is necessary. I like short blog posts and edited out some information which is needed for context.

When the organisation first approached me they had asked two women to speak before contacting me. Regretfully, these speakers were unavailable and had added a male speaker. They then got in touch with me. By framing the post in the way I did, and over simplified the issue, I created a new context. That context would mean people might, quite reasonably, assume and ask – is this the people that Andrew mentioned in his blog post?

I do a lot of events – panels, webinars, facilitation, etc. I recognise that ANY of the people hosting me might be accused of being the organisation involved.

One of the values of my company – Llarn – is that we value honesty. This is me being honest.

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