The importance of strategic finance in your learning function

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If you were offered a place on a webinar called ‘the importance of strategic finance in your learning function’ would you say attend?*

Learning seems to want to market, communicate, and use technology to improve customer service and people experience. We are happy to learn what marketing, comms, IT, customer service and HR do and crib that into our activity.

Finance? Less so.

I don’t ever recall seeing a conference session on managing finance in learning. I don’t remember seeing the well managed budget being a priority element in an award win. I don’t remember hearing a podcast in the learning space being about budgeting and achieving value for money. Case in point – I’ve never used finance as a tag on my blog before.

We might not like it, but this is the bottom line the rest of the business is talking about. We need to prove we are budgeting the right things, in the right way, and generating multiples of value.

Maybe speak to your finance function?

*Just to clarify, I’m not offering this. Not yet anyway.

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