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A survey of c-level executives from last fall from the credit reporting agency Experian found a leading 44 percent of respondents say that a key indicator of being a data-driven organization is a high level of trust in the quality of data, followed in the top-three by the presence of easy to use data management tools (40 percent) and speedy, flexible access to data that can be scaled as needed (39 percent).

What are the hurdles to becoming data driven

How much do your organisation trust your learning data? If you’re only supplying learning and input and output measures – bums on seats, completion times, % completions – you’re missing the stuff which matters to them.

Do you have good data management tools. More importantly, do you have people who understand how to use data to inform what’s happening?

Are you able to scale your access to performance data in the organisation. For example, if you’re running sickness absence training, are you able to correlate the performance of a cohort of managers who have been through the learning activities with sickness absence trends? Are you able to compare the performance of the cohort with those who haven’t done the learning?

I’ll be speaking about this on 31st May at Learntec in Karlsruhe in Germany. If you’re coming, please do connect and make contact before the session.

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