Greatest hits

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I was speaking at Learntec 2022 in Germany last week about evaluation and data. It was great to be back and to meet online connections, new people and some people who I’ve met there before. I was humbled and flattered to receive so many positive comments on my session from the attendees.

For some it was about how I was framing learning and for others it was to engage with me ‘live’ after following me online. Some people had no idea who I was, some people left after the first few minutes, whilst other joined late.

It reminded me of this by Chris Guillebeau:

But there’s also nothing wrong with asking, “What do the people want?” and then thinking about how to give it to them.

Should You Perform For the Audience or Just Entertain Yourself

When I put the session together I made sure it contained ‘new’ information. In this case a model of evaluation practice which focuses on performance outcomes and impact ahead of learning metrics. However, it was packaged to include the same themes, cadence, frameworks, thinking, and activity I’ve been centering for the last 10 years.

If you’re invited to speak at events, be ABSOLUTELY clear if you’re expected to produce greatest hits, new material, or a combination of both. As well as focusing what you produce, you’ll be designing with the audience in mind, not just to put together your favourite bits of content.

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