Not learning

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I posted a quote from Guillermo del Toro the other week and challenged if we were thinking about learning as a content pipeline.

A few people did respond, including Linda Gent who referenced H&S and mandated learning activity.

I think part of the problem I have is that this isn’t learning activity; this is compliance activity dressed up in a learning coat. For some time I’ve talked about just in case, just in time, just for me, and just enough elements. Mandating activity and calling it learning is an attempt to cover everyone’s back if something goes wrong. The perfect example of ‘just in case’

But this content isn’t going to work. I remember a security test I had to administer quarterly to employees in a retail bank branch. It got to the point where people would skip all the content and complete the test at the end as quickly as possible. Ten questions were asked and the branch record was to get 100% in just over 6 seconds.

Does this prove learning?

If you’re asked to do this, you’re not in learning – you’re mandating compliance recording.

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