Just enough

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When I mentioned the end of the beginning recently, I didn’t expect so many people to pick up on the third point I mentioned.

People want just in time, just for me, just enough learning

Face to face, Andrew Jacobs

The idea of taking the weeks of face to face learning and distilling it down into a range of small bite size pieces seems to be an anathema to many learning functions.

People need just enough for now; their cognitive load can’t cope with hours of video chats, reams of online pdfs to read or hyper-engaged facilitation where they’re expected to work in virtual breakouts. People will be working remotely, asynchronously and flexibly, and the old models of delivery, built to meet contrived leaning objectives are now even less relevant.

I mentioned disruption in learning and this is about NOT trying to replicate the face to face activity online. This means truly breaking down content into component parts and making them available to people as a free choice for them, to use in any order they wish. By all means coach them on the choice – or better still let their managers do that – but this means curating top quality content in such a way that people recognise the value in it and keep coming back.

This means breaking and resetting the expectations of the people you’re supporting. This means TRULY asking what you need to do to help them do their job differently. This means being unafraid of people who speed through learning paths, consuming little but achieving at the end through improved performance.

Just enough doesn’t mean not enough.

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