Reader’s block

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I’ve tried for weeks to get back into reading books but haven’t got the energy or inclination.

It feels different to writer’s block; to overcome writer’s block I just write. And write. And write. I write rubbish, longform, shortform, jokes, fiction and opinion stuff. I build slide decks and lines and phrases that’ll go into the 50 Big Ideas book. There’s always something to write.

Reader’s block doesn’t work like that. The more non-book reading I do, the less likely I am to read books. I read articles, blogs, magazines, comics and papers and can’t get into the groove. I can’t approach that essential book on learning, or behaviour, or Appreciative Inquiry, or the 50 others that I have to read at some point. There’s always something else to read.

How do you overcome reader’s block? Any advice gratefully received.

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