Going uphill

Photo by Du00f3 Castle on Pexels.com

I was cycling recently, and, as I attempted to change gear to reflect the extra effort I was making, my chain came off.

I was wrong to change gear so late but ended up stranded at the side of the road, pedalling air. The chain was stuck on the rear hub and took a good 10 minutes to get free and reload it onto the cassette and chainrings. I know these are the parts of the bike because I quickly looked up a video on how to get it back on.

I’ve mentioned the need to understand that people want ‘just enough’ learning now and this is a useful example:

  1. Just in case learning – a course on bicycle maintenance
  2. Just in time learning – a reminder about how to change gears going uphill
  3. Just for me learning – a curated list of resources about likely problems I’d get with my bike and cycling
  4. Just enough learning – a 40 second portion of a YouTube video showing me how to put the chain back on

LnD need to stop ‘peddling’ (sorry) number 1 and support more 2-4.

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