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I wrote last week about how we’re getting to the end of the beginning and how some things are going to have to change in learning.

I said last time that you’re not going to be able to base your offer on face to face group delivery. If you are, your model is busted.

You won’t be able get a dozen people into rooms of the size you used before because you’ll not be able to social distance.

At time of writing, people are struggling to come to terms with going to a cinema, a restaurant, a cafe. Theatres are still closed and sitting people in an enclosed room with up to a dozen other people outside their social bubble is unreasonable.

People have unlocked the Pandora’s Box for online learning. On YouTube, Joe Wicks can get 7m views with a series of morning workouts. This introduced people to online learning in a way they wouldn’t have tried before.

The end of the beginning for face to face is accepting that it has to be re-designed and re-purposed:

  • This means opportunity for smaller group work needs to be investigated and priced accordingly. Little and often rather than larger and ‘one-off’.
  • The point of being in a larger group and the happenstance of people coming together needs to be developed into online spaces.
  • Understanding of asynschronous design principles will be essential for learning and development professionals to adapt to this new way of working.
  • Recognising that building into workflow means creating opportunity to learn remotely, away from peers and colleagues needs alternative support channels.

This is going to be difficult and you might need some help. If you think I might be able to support you, please let me know.

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