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Apparently I’m one of ‘The 10 Most Influential Learning & Development Leaders To Follow, 2022’. I know this because a publisher contacted me to tell me.

They are going to do a six-full page profile in print and online magazine. They’ll talk about my success story, achievements, milestone and barriers.

They’ll put my picture on the front of the magazine and supply me with a print-ready high-resolution PDF of my profile with reprint rights. I’ll also get a logo of “The 10 Most Influential Learning & Development Leaders To Follow, 2022” to use on my website, media and press release and a digital certificate of honour for my participation.

I’m delighted.

I only need to pay $4000 and it’s all mine.

I’m going to pass. I can publish the same number of words they’ll write for free on my blog, website and LinkedIn and those 3 places combined generate about 500k views per year. I’d guess that may be a little more than their individual magazine circulation, seeing how many awards they’re hosting this year:

  • Home inspection experts
  • Animal health companies enhancing lives
  • Franchise consulting companies
  • Most reliable POS solution providers
  • Most disruptive companies in the semiconductor industry

As well as $4k being a bit high, it seems completely wrong to be awarded with a title which is not based on data but on the ability (and motivation) to pay a fee.

Of course I know this is the same for many awards where submission fees are required, or where nominees are asked to pay for a table at the finals and ceremony. This one feels just a little too obvious.

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