What grinds my gears – evaluation

Photo by ROMBO on Pexels.com

Another in the occasional series where I write about what annoys me about a topic. This time, learning evaluation.

  • Stop telling people there’s a silver bullet. There isn’t.
  • Completion does not equal learning.
  • Satisfied does not equal learning
  • Redesigned happy sheets make no difference. Honestly. They don’t.
  • Learning is complex and complicated. To suggest evaluation is easy is dishonourable.
  • You have to work with the wider organisation and business to make evaluation happen.
  • Aim higher than just knowing how much ‘stuff’ people have done.
  • Having an evaluation strategy is important. Not following it is meaningless.
  • You can’t evaluate if you don’t understand how data and information work.
  • Delivering learning activity with no understanding of its effect on the organisation is ethically wrong.

If you want some help with this stuff, please do get in touch.

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