It’s not all about winning

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I heard a phrase the other week – it’s not a race, it’s a dance.

As was described beautifully yesterday by Rachel Happe:
after what we’ve been through, competitive advantage shouldn’t be number one.

If you assume everyone wins, it’s about how you partner up with people so they win too.

2 thoughts on “It’s not all about winning

  1. I took a quote from a previous blog post of yours Andrew that also fits here. “Play to succeed, not to win. That way you can define success yourself”

    Success could be favourable outcomes for everyone.

    As a very competitive person, this has been really valuable for me. I like playing board games with friends and I now define success as a fun environment where everyone enjoys the game, rather than just winning the game. This translates easily to working in project groups or consulting with stakeholders to try and solve their issues.


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