No money

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Sweating your resources has always been something I’ve advocated so I’m delighted to be chairing a session at the Learning Technologies Autumn Forum based around doing more with less.

The team of speakers won’t be speaking or a panel; they’ll be working through the problems and questions the audience has. My job will simply be to facilitate a range of conversations.

To do that, it’d be great to get some questions upfront: these can be from people who will be there or people who might not be able to attend.

So what do you want to ask about working with limited resources? Is it all about where the free stuff is, or more fundamental than that?

Let me know in the comments and I’ll put the questions to the team on the day.

One thought on “No money

  1. I think it’s more about how you prioritise, let go of perfect and go for something that functionally works (or is 80% there).

    So design thinking is what I’m interested in. Not that I’ll be there!


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