What’s going to happen next?

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

I’ve had a few questions recently asking what the next big things might be so here are 5 thoughts on what we’ll need to think about for the rest of 2022, and the start of 2023.

Do better – people will be more critical of what you’re offering (whether supplier or internal team) and will want to understand the value they’re getting from you. That means doing the simple better. Make every transaction with your learning offer a delight and as easy as possible.

More with less – the nil/neutral conversation is going to relaunch again. What is available for nil or can be traded? Budgets are unlikely to be growing substantially in the near future so sweating your resources and trading with people who can help you will become more important.

Strategy – learning, evaluation, design, delivery. They all need to be developed for the next 6-18 months while we understand the PESTLE factors on how we work. So establish and socialise your learning, evaluation, design, and delivery principles. What do you stand for, is it clear, who cares?

Audio – I know I do podcasts but why spend 30k on a video when you can do it for 6k with good audio and images? Adding a mic to your setup is a very low cost way to significantly improve the value of your workplace content.

Data rules – you REALLY need to know how to work out what impact you’re having and you can’t do that without having a forensic approach to knowing what’s happening in the learning space and the performance space in your organisation.

Do you agree – are these the next priorities? Please do let me know.

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