Is it another blog post about women? Yes, yes it is.

At the end of a pretty manic week – conferences, flights, hurricanes, jet lag, etc – there are three specific things this week which need to be amplified.

Firstly, look out for a new episode of the Women Talking About Learning podcast next week. Recorded live at the Learning 2022 event in Orlando it really is something. I don’t know what that thing is – it’s one of the most honest things I’ve been involved in. More on Tuesday next week.

Two days after recording it and while editing it, I got an email from a UK learning supplier with a link to some expert advice. Advice from three experts. Who were they?

You know the answer… three white men.

I ‘know’ it probably wasn’t intended. I ‘know’ it was entirely accidental. I ‘know’ there’s a follow up part which will probably be three women of diverse background and diverse thought. Of course, ‘know’ means ‘hope’ in this context. I’m not going to name them – they’ll find out I’m sure.

The third thing was an invitation to speak as part of a panel on a webinar about the menopause. Hosted by Limitless Leadership the focus will be on menopause in the workplace and will feature a number of perspectives. A man on a panel about the menopause?


Half the workforce are men and we’re generally dumb, embarrassed and under-prepared to talk about the menopause. Join this webinar on 7th December at 14:30 to tell me I’m wrong to be involved.

What stood out for you this week?

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