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I ‘cheated’ yesterday. The first post of 2023 wasn’t written by me – I used the ChatGPT tool to throw a few words together to produce something. I was behind on doing things and thought it’d be interesting to see what an AI might produce.

I told it what to produce – a post in the first person and the topic of returning to blogging after a few weeks – and it did the rest. I wasn’t sure of the quality but almost 30 people reacted positively to it on LinkedIn.

This provides brilliant, weird, fantastic, and challenging opportunities. The brilliance is being able to produce something quickly, although a bit weird because I think you can sense the artificial in the A of the AI. It’s fantastic insofar it can create content on pretty much any topic and challenging since I don’t think it has the sophistication – yet – to make it feel completely natural.

As I’ve said before – you can’t automate nuance – but how many of you spotted I hadn’t written yesterday’s post?

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