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I’m going to be doing something new in the next few weeks with my friend Rachel Burnham. It’ll be based on learning and the things which modern learning professionals need to know now. We’re not talking about the senior strategic leads, or even managers. This would be for the learning professionals who don’t have access to conferences, haven’t got budget for courses, or are ploughing a furrow in a small team (or on their own) and just want help and clarity on a few things.

The topics we’ll be looking at might include:

  • Learning design
  • Learning strategy
  • Learning delivery
  • Learning technology
  • Blended and hybrid learning
  • Leadership and management training

We might be thinking about data, systems, culture, or behaviours.

What help do you need? Which topics on this list would be of most interest to you? Similarly, what’s missing? What do you need help with that isn’t included on the list?

Let me know in the comments.

One thought on “New things

  1. Great idea. I’m fortunate enough to have access to conferences etc now, but thinking back to public sector times, I think interweaving digital accessibility / inclusion, and UD / UDL, into your items above, would have been really valuable for me.

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