85% pass rate

Photo by Joshua Miranda on Pexels.com

If people perform well at school they don’t go on to change the world. One reason for their success in education is they understand the importance in following processes and delivering what’s asked for within the constraints of the system.

They are also great at working out what is being tested – the content – and not necessarily what is needed in the wider context – the application..

The same applies to your mandated learning with 85% pass marks.

People achieving the highest scores probably aren’t the people I’d want to talk to – they understand the constraints of the system and how to memorise content.

What are the people who scrape through doing? How are they thinking about the content and the scoring? There’s a great opportunity to capture the ideas of the people who work outside the system but within the rules.

How do you engage with the people who have worked out better ways of ‘how’ than your ways of ‘why’?

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