Get the basics right

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I keep seeing articles with lists of things you ‘MUST’ do to make your learning strategy, marketing, digital transformation, customer education, employee induction, etc. They are usually between 5 and 10 elements long – 7 is the sweet spot – and include things like:

  • Listen to your customers
  • Manage expectations
  • Build trust
  • etc

These seem like basics and it’s easy to mock their simplicity. There are, however, people searching for this level of advice.

This came up in a conversation this week where the topic was the understanding of learning in the flow of work. It’s a valid concept and reasonable to discuss. To the trainer who delivers training in classrooms (digital or face to face) it may be a concept two or more steps away from where they are right now.

It’s not always necessary to be at the edge of the curve. Stopping, pausing and, helping people catch up is just as important.

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