Speak to the title

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I did a recording thing with Russell Sweep the other day which you might want to listen to. One of the things I suggest is essential as a speaker is making sure your content as a speaker is a clear follow on from the title.

I hate being sucked into a session and then finding the content bears no relation to the title. It smacks of dishonesty – getting a place as a speaker based on the title and then delivering something which is so far from the title it might as well be worthless. As we start moving into the conference season in the northern hemisphere, we’re seeing the speaker and conference lists coming out and there seem to be a great range of topics being proposed.

If I come to your session and you’re not speaking to the title, I will call you out.

One thought on “Speak to the title

  1. Arghh, this happens all the time! As a reviewer for a number of conference sessions I’ve seen this all too often, and called it out when I can – what usually happens is the session is about someone’s work or experience and is either vaguely connected to the conference theme or there is no connection at all. The title and abstract is then ‘massaged’ to make the proposal fit the theme and get accepted, which is then ignored when it comes to the presentation itself. Nothing annoys me more than planning my event and session attendance around the published abstracts to be conned and deceived like this. Call it out if you see it!!


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